Boulder Blues

Paperback – 384 pages

A Tale of the Colorado Counterculture
The mind plunges into a world – now decades ago – filled with real people so smoothly and colourfully painted that it flows effortlessly from the printed page into a living experience. Two young musicians of immigrant backgrounds are dragged down by the American counterculture. The disillusioned soldier, freshly home from Vietnam and  reckless with his life and musical talents, gets caught up with a spoilt, strung-out rich kid in the magical mishaps of the late 60s /early 70s. 
Boulder Blues brings you back to the era of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Its madness is exposed in a naive twist of youth struggling through a nightmare of political and countrywide unrest and trying to make sense of what lies beyond the American Dream of their parents and grandparents. Sweet, poignant, laughable and pithy, it catches a time once labelled a ‘Modern American Renaissance’.

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