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THE POISONED TREE - 3rd in the Felly van Vliet Mystery series....

poisoned tree_r.jpgFelly is back in Holland and while browsing through an old book at a second-hand bookstore she comes across something that intrigues her and causes her to pick up on a cold case, which again takes her overseas--this time to America. Unravelling the murder turns into a tantalising search, unearthing some deeply buried family secrets. Order now through Amazon.com and Lulu.com
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Death By Chopstick book coverThe 2nd of the 3-part series and sequel to Murder On The Rocks!  begins with a return to China and freak accident in a plane crash along the way. This sets the tone for Felly’s experiences and observations of a swiftly developing country and much has changed in the four years since her last visit to the mainland. More cars than bicycles in post-Olympic China overcrowd ever-widening highways -- nd when a colleague dies in a suspicious chemistry lab fire, Felly realises ... read on >>>

 Death By Chopstick was featured in a recent CRY radio interview  listen to it here >>>



Uncommon Boundaries book coverFor all of you who have loved and learned and are still lighting candles rather than cursing the darkness here is a simple joie de vivre – joy for life – that draws on the author's soulful muse to weave together a fine collection of stories, lyrics and poetic thoughts.

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*MURDER ON THE ROCKS! was highlighted in Cork newspaper and radio show...   Listen to it now >>>

Murder On The Rocks! book cover
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Murder on the Rocks! was highlighted by Cork, Ireland's Evening Echo in an interview with Sherry Marie Gallagher that resulted in a nice article about the book and author. You can find the PDF here.

This article apparently triggered Community Radio  Youghal (CRY 104FM) to do the same, allthough Sherry's voice was affected by a passing flu.

You can listen to this part of this January 20th transmission. Check below for the sequel!

*Murder On The Rocks! - is available on Amazon.com and Barnes&Nobel on-line book stores in both paperback and e-book for Kindle and iPad. For best price: currently order at Lulu.com (World market). 
Buyers in the Netherlands will find their best price through Aislingbooks and Boekenbent direct ordering. And, of course, the book is available at the following walk-in bookstores: Read&Write Bookstore (Youghal Gift Gallery) and The Drukkerij (Middelburg, Zeeland). 
*Death By Chopstick - sequel to Murder On The Rocks! - was featured in a follow-up interview for CRY 104 FM Irish radio station in Youghal on Tuesday, 29 March 2011. 
Listen to it here!

*Death By Chopstick - is available on Amazon.com and Barnes&Nobel on-line book stores in both paperback and e-book for Kindle and iPad. For best price: currently order at Lulu.com (World market). 
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