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Growing up in Hollywood’s ‘American New Wave’  of the mid-to-late 1960s to early ’80s, Shers came of age riding her own waves while adding vivid imagery to her first born work, entitled ‘Boulder Blues’. Her talent is obvious but obscured by the multitude of published novels these days, thus this website where she has prepared a cosy place for you to peruse her books and get acquainted.

So sit down, get comfortable and find yourself bonding with her characters and their immediately recognisable world, which is partly due to this author’s firsthand experiences during her travels to Russia, China and Ireland, where she submerged herself into the local society. Consequently, her command of language and style gets as close to real life as possible.

Two decades of life outside the USA, living in the Netherlands, has also given Shers the precious perspective of an international observer, breathing into each story a lifelike quality that fills the rich cultural context of the inhabitants of the books.


Beyond Uncommon Boundaries
This second volume of prose and poetry

invites readers into the poet, storyteller and songwriter’s life’s journey — her evocative thoughts and imagination lead you through different landscapes and boundaries.

‘Dedicated to all those who’ve still got the urge for going when the leaves are falling on the ground’

           She Explorer

“She is young between the thighs

 and old between the lips.
 A baby face, nonetheless
 still eager to use and be used….
 well, just a little.
 Life, to her, is yet an experiment to
 She will not, shall not, wants not, 
 to be conquered by her dreams
 before she has made her ascent to

© Shers Gallagher


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